Police Practice Test 4

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Police Practice Test 4

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Welcome to your Police Practice Test 4

A recently captured suspect was found to be 6ft 2 inches tall. The police report asks for the suspect’s height to be given in inches only. How tall is the suspect?

Which of these words most closely means ‘arraign’?

If the average cost of a handgun in a local store is \$420.00, how much change remains if a citizen purchases 4 handguns whilst brining \$2,100 to the store?

If the ratio of male to female police officers at Corvallis Police Department is 6 : 2 and there are 382 officers stationed at the department, approximately how many female officers work at the department?

Which of these terms refers to “an unprincipled person”?

What is the total combined length of x and y?

________ are too many members of the local gang.

To leave hurriedly to avoid arrest.

A trial that is adjourned is which of these?

To find innocent or free from wrongdoing.

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