Police Practice Test 5

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Police Practice Test 5

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Welcome to your Police Practice Test 5

What is the area of the rectangle in the diagram?

Clandestine most nearly means?

Which of these words is a definite article in the following sentence: “The police were unsure what to do with the suspect”.

"Police officers moved surreptitiously into the home, gathering evidence in the brief window of opportunity that the time allowed". In this context, what does the word “surreptitiously” mean?

A squad car traveled 220 miles last Sunday afternoon. If the police officer drove for 4-hours, how many miles (on average) did the officer drive in one hour and a half?

The police officer ______ the suspect last week during a routine patrol.

Which amendment to the US constitution protects citizens from searches and seizures which are not made on probable causes?

Which of these terms is used to describe the condition of a person being charged with a crime and therefore in danger of being convicted and punished?

The average of 5 numbers is 52. Four of the numbers are 28, 36, 68, and 86. What is the fifth number?

When he was eighteen, the suspect had never __________ a car.

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