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Apr 20th, 2020
how to become a police officer

If you’re thinking about becoming a qualified law enforcement officer in the United States, you need to start thinking about doing your research.

Below, we’ve put together some of the top resources on the net to help you reach your career objectives. Always check back to this section as we will continue to add more resources as they come to our attention. is one of the top police websites out there at the minute. Many of you will already be familiar with this site. For those who are not, take some time to review many of the great and informative features they provide, including:

  • Latest news and updates within US law enforcement
  • Detailed information on training and careers
  • First-hand videos and experience from real-life policing situations
  • Excellent forum for communicating with others in the profession
  • Wide variety of detail-rich publications

And that’s just touching the iceberg. It remains one of the top police websites out there and it’s a must go-to site for any prospective law enforcement officer. is another exceptional law enforcement website that is jam packed with information on all-things police officer related. The scope of the website is enormous. Here are just some of the great features they provide:

  • Information on all police departments in the United States
  • Top-class detail on law enforcement careers and training opportunities
  • Local, state, and federal breaking news
  • Forensics, fitness, crowd control, K9 units – and much more!

As you progress to pass the police officer exam and join the academy, is going to be one of those sites that you visit time and time again.

Never underestimate the value of Wikipedia. Yes, there are some legitimate complaints about the editing procedure and accuracy of information. However, this is true for almost all sites – who continuously need to update when better evidence comes to hand.

Broadly speaking, Wikipedia’s comprehensive entry on law enforcement in the United States is an enormously powerful read for anyone who has just decided to become a police officer and would like to learn more – perhaps just the basics – about the system, its history, and the many new terms and phrases you will come across. Wikipedia is great for this kind of thing, and it’s worth checking out from time to time to advance your knowledge and understanding of both common and obscure topics in law enforcement. is another of those great websites that deal with policing in the United States. If you haven’t heard of the site, now is a great time to head over and check it out and what it has to offer.

It provides a rich database of detail on topics such as:

  • Careers in law enforcement and what to expect
  • How to land a job at your target police department
  • Learning about what officers do and how you can get involved
  • A database of hiring positions now available

After you have successfully passed the police officer test and are now searching for a new role, or perhaps you are hoping to land a job in another department having already gained experience – no matter what the situation, is one of those great websites to assist you in your job hunting venture.

One of the great advantages of is that they have a very powerful resume building feature – helping you to put together the neatest, most effective representation of your career and experience. This invariably helps to maximize the prospect of landing your next dream job.

We will add more great law enforcement websites in the coming weeks and months. Be sure to regularly check back to our Helpful Links resource to take advantage of whatever we find. Of course, if you have any suggestions of what we should include, fill out our online contact form and we’ll review your suggestion!

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