October 28th, 2020

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test test tes testPolice in Central City have decided to implement new vehicular restrictions upon the city. The purpose of these restrictions is three-fold – first, to reduce congestion within the city center. Second, to reduce overall levels of pollution and, third, to promote the use of public transportation.

As part of this effort, vehicles will be given different license plates depending upon their individual circumstances. No one vehicle has more than one license plate, except if deemed necessary by the appropriate police authority.

The first license plate, K, is for delivery vehicles to transit goods between 6am and 11am and from 2pm to 6pm on weekdays only. The second plate, R, is for business owners within the city center who need access to their premises throughout the week, though only via off-street parking. Private vehicles may transit through the city center if they are issued a X license plate, though they are only allowed to travel on Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays. Private vehicles with a Y plate are permitted to travel on those days and weekends too. F licenses are issued to vehicles that operate emergency services license plates at any time, where parking is permitted along any zone.

License plates are issued depending on the citizen, their line of work and relationship to the city, as well as what service, if any, they provide to that city. Licenses may be revoked at any time and for any reason, if but not exclusively because a threat to the city was deemed possible. Though this has not yet manifested, it may happen in the future and so caution is warranted.
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