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1. Evidence sufficient to warrant an arrest or search and seizure.
2. A victim of theft was lucky to have 40% of her stolen money returned. If she received $60, how much was originally stolen from her?
3. There were 12 males engaged in a physical altercation. Police were informed of the riot by a complainent who lived nearby. Police response was expedited after they were told that one of the males may possess a knife. Which of these words is spelled incorrectly?
4. Bribe or otherwise induce (someone) to commit an unlawful act such as perjury.
5. On average, 1 in 14 local shops experience theft per annum. If there are 420 shops in the locality, how many shops experience theft?
6. The officer was unsure ______ responsible for the apparent murder.
7. If 30 percent of the police department workforce is 27,000 staff, how many staff work at the police department?
8. The police officer arrived at the _________ home to investigate what had happened.
9. Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.
10. A police car drove 1,560 miles in 9 days. On average, he drove 6 hours per day. On average, how fast was the police car driving?