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Welcome to your Police Practice Test 2

1. Officer Sam earned $59,800 in the previous year. He earned a 10% pay increase in 2020. How much did Officer Sam earn in 2020?
2. The state of living homelessly.
3. Temporary legally-enforced prohibition of an activity.
4. One-half of one-quarter of one-fifth of 864,400 police officers came from indigenous backgrounds. How many officers came from an indigenous background?
5. Formal and explicit approval; an official authorization for police to undertake a course of action, such as an arrest or to search premises.
6. What is the ratio of male to female police officers in a department that employs 200 female officers for every 500 male officers?
7. Official accusation of wrongdoing.
8. What is 5!
9. Confirm or give support to (a statement, theory, or finding).
10. Relating to the cheek, as in the need to take a swab.