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Welcome to your Police Math Quiz 7

1. A new measure was being passed by Dallas Police Department. Three-quarters of the police force, or 120 people, agreed to the new measure. How many people disagreed with the new measure?
2. A police vehicle travelled 2,138 miles in 14 hours. How many miles per hour did the vehicle travel?
3. A police officer started his shift at 6.18am and finished for lunch at 12.30pm. He resumed work at 1.26pm and finished his shift at 7.14pm. How many hours did the police officer work that day?
4. If there are 200 female police officers to every 500 male police officers in the local department, what ratio of female to make police officers are there in that department?
5. Officer Sam earned $59,800 in the previous year. He earned a 10% pay increase for 2020. How much will Officer Sam earn in 2020?
6. Michael’s cat was trapped in a tree. The tree was 24 feet and 7 inches high. When the fireman arrived, he asked how tall the tree was in inches only. How high is the tree in inches?
7. The store owner claimed that at most $3,800 worth of televisions was stolen from the store. If a television at the store costs $260, approximately how many televisions were stolen from the store?
8. The population of San Diego Police Department is 1.8 million people. If the department has 3,200 police officers, for how many people per police officer is there in the department?
9. Officer Michael began his shift at 2.47am and finished 13 hours and 27 minutes later. What time did Officer Michael finish work?
10. One-half of one-quarter of one-fifth of 864,400 police officers came from indigenous backgrounds. How many officers came from an indigenous background?