Police Math Quiz 6

October 28th, 2020

Welcome to your Police Math Quiz 6

1. The following four items were stolen from a local store: • Watch: $120 • Table: $90 • Microwave: $50 • Television: $320 What is the total value of goods stolen from the store?
2. 25% of Houston Police Department are female. If there are 2,400 officers, how many officers are female?
3. A police officer identified the suspect at 11.28pm and arrested the suspect 3 hours and 14 minutes later. What time was the suspect arrested?
4. Officer Smith identified $5,240 worth of cocaine. The two men – Michael and John – admitted ownership. If Michael’s share of the value of the cocaine was $1,680, how much was John’s cocaine worth?
5. A squad car travelled 60 mph over a 3-hour period. Over that time, how many miles per hour did the squad car travel?
6. A quarter of a million dollars was stolen from a bank in San Diego. Officers reported that 70 percent of this cash was recovered. How much cash was not recovered?
7. Review the following statistics from Detroit Police Department: • Male: 75% • Female: 25% • African-American/Black: 63% • White: 32.6% • Hispanic, any race: 4% • Asian: 0.4% There are 2,200 police officer serving the department. What percentage of officers are not African-American/Black or White?
8. 6 televisions were taken from a local store. If the average cost of a television is $580, what total value of goods was stolen from the store?
9. Officer Miller worked for Houston Police Department from 1962-1991 and transferred to Corvallis Police Department where he worked from 1999-2016. Then, he retired. For how many years did Officer Miller work as a police officer?
10. A suspect weighs 90 kilograms and 14 pounds. The police report states the weight must be in pounds only. How heavy is the suspect?


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