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Welcome to your Police Math Quiz 5

1. 24 clocks were stolen from a nearby store. The estimated value of the clocks is $1,089. What is the average cost of one of these clocks?
2. 15% of Benjamin’s bail must be paid in cash. If his total bail sum is $5,000, how much is he expected to pay?
3. 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of pants, and 6 t-shirts were stolen from a store. The socks cost $12, whilst the 2 pairs of pants cost $70. If the total value of stolen goods was $164, how much does 1 t-shirt cost (rounded to the nearest whole number)?
4. A car skidded 8 feet and 6 inches along the road. How many inches in total did the car skid?
5. Officer Peterson started his shift at 5.21am and finished at 1.46am. For how long did Officer Peterson work during that day?
6. $1,200 worth of stolen goods were found by police officers. After tracking down the original owner, they learned that this is only 60% of what was stolen. What total value of stolen goods was taken from the owner?
7. A squad car travelled a total of 1,420 miles. One-third of that travel came during weekends, with the other two-thirds during the week. How many miles did the squad car travel at the weekend?
8. A local report into Boulder Police Department finds: • One-quarter of all staff are female • There 12 dogs and over 400 squad cars • Two-fifths of male staff had at least 5-years’ experience Regarding these figures, which of these statements is false?
9. The suspect had been at large for 13 hours and 51 minutes. How many seconds has the suspect been at large?
10. From its starting point, a police helicopter travels 46 miles to the east, returns 19 miles to the west, before turning back east for a further 31 miles. How far east, from its original position, has the helicopter travelled?