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Welcome to your Math Quiz 4

1. On average, 1 in 14 local shops experience theft per annum. If there are 420 shops in the locality, how many shops experience theft?
2. Eight handcuffs costs $168. How much does fourteen handcuffs cost?
3. A police car drove 1,560 miles in 9 days. On average, he drove 6 hours per day. On average, how fast was the police car driving?
4. A police officer stopped a van to investigate what it was carrying. On inspection, it was carrying 4 parcels of drug – each of which weighed 2.4 kilos. A further 2 containers of the same drug were hidden in the back, each weighing 4,200 grams. If the cost per kilo of drug is $800 per 400 grams, what value of drug was the driver carrying in his van?
5. From Monday to Friday, a police officer starts his shift at 4.15am and finishes at 12.30pm. To the nearest hour, how many hours does he work per week?
6. If 30 percent of the police department workforce is 27,000 staff, how many staff work at the police department?
7. A police officer in Arizona earns $57,682 in gross income. If the tax rate is 24%, what is the net income of the officer (to the nearest whole number)?
8. A local officer spends 42 minutes per day patrolling his neighborhood. On average, how many hours does he spend walking per month?
9. If the average of five parcels is 23 kilograms, what is the total average weight of all 5 parcels?
10. One of these parcels is 70cm in heights and 30cm in width. What is the total area of one side of the parcel?