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Welcome to your Math Quiz 3

1. A suspect was found to be in possession of 12.5 grams of heroin. However, the incident report states that it must be stated in kilos. How many kilos of heroin was the suspect in possession of?
2. 30 percent of the Illinois police department staff work 6 days per week and an average of 68 hours. How many hours per day, on average, do staff work?
3. A squad car set off at 3.40pm and arrived at its target destination at 5.55pm. At 10.44pm, the squad car left and returned to the police department at 12.56am. For how long was the squad car travelling on the road to and from its target destination?
4. How many milliliters of morphine are found in 0.72 liters?
5. A recently arrested man stands at 76 inches, but you must document his height in feet only. How tall is the arrested man?
6. 75 percent of a victim’s stolen goods were found at a nearby house. If he lost $560 worth of goods, what value of stolen goods remains unfound?
7. A squad car travelled 48 miles on Wednesday, 32 miles on Thursday and 78 miles on Friday. On Saturday, the squad car travelled the same distance as the average of the previous three days. How many miles did the squad car travel on Saturday?
8. Law enforcement recently attended an event to help maximize the safety of its participants. There were 16 police officers, 4 dogs and 8 police cars. Which of these is the correct ratio of police officers : dogs : police cars?
9. What is 20 percent of half of two-quarters of 200 police officers?
10. Over the past week, a police helicopter travelled 960 miles. To the nearest whole number, how many miles per day did the helicopter travel?