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1. Ms. Robinson’s home was burgled. The following items were stolen: • Television - $1,900 • Gold watch - $1,200 • Cash - $320 • Radio - $40 What is the average cost of the stolen goods?
2. Reduce the following ratio of officers to police dogs – 320:4 - to its smallest form?
3. A squad car set off at 11.40pm and arrived at its target destination at 5.05am. At 6.34am, the squad car left and returned to the police department at 12.56pm. For how long was the squad car travelling on the road to and from its target destination?
4. The suspect was 6 feet and 5 inches tall. However, the incident report states that height must be measured in inches only. How tall is the suspect?
5. A victim of theft was lucky to have 40% of her stolen money returned. If she received $60, how much was originally stolen from her?
6. The odometer on a squad car shows that the police officer travelled 1,478 miles over the past 12 days. On average, how many miles are covered in 5 days?
7. As of 2019, San Antonio Police Department covers an area of 465.4 square miles, with a population of approximately 1.5 million. On average, how many people live in 12 square miles of San Antonio Police Department?
8. A balloon travelled a total distance of 1,200 miles in 10 days flying 16 hours each day. What is the average speed that the balloon was flying at?
9. The average salary of a police officer in Arizona is $52,674, which is 11 percent more than the national average. What is the national average?
10. Two-fifths of police officers at New York Police Department are female. If there are 36,000 police officers, how many officers are male?