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Welcome to your Grammar / Spelling Quiz 6

1. Officer Dillon had to ________ some more to catch his ________.
2. It was in his ________ to listen to what the officers demanded. Otherwise, he may have been incarcerated.
3. _______ was no chance that he was going to be released from prison. More questioning was needed over the forthcoming 48 hours.
4. An allegation was made that Robert had commited an act of sexual assault. Further investigation was needed to establish whether there was any veracity to this claim. Which of these words is spelled incorrectly?
5. This was another _______ of crime that hadn’t been ____ in the area for some time.
6. The ________________ just took over the department last month.
7. The suspect was ___________ going to be convicted, it appeared.
8. The suspect was embarassed. He was caught defecating in the local park and was quickly arrested by police. He was cautioned not to repeat the same misdemeanor in future. Which of these words is spelled incorrectly?
9. Officer Harry was new to the department. It was a whole new ___________ for him to work and it took some time for him to become accustomed to and get used to the way things operated throughout the department.
10. To pass the police test, it’s ___________ to ___________ for the physicial abilities part of the exam.