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Welcome to your Grammar / Spelling Quiz 5

1. The squad car _______ in the middle of the road, seemingly because it had ____ out of gas.
2. Three months ____ a long time to spend in jail.
3. The officers __________ the bomb before it could cause further damage.
4. It was necessary to conduct ___________ over the property for at least 6 months.
5. Officer Spies __________ a medal for his gallant performance in Iraq.
6. Police weren’t yet sure if they arrived at the correct ___________.
7. The officer gave the troublemaker some ______ on what to do next.
8. He would remain in jail on a ___________ basis, until such time that it was considered safe to release him.
9. Before officers arrived, it had been ______ - but things had changed.
10. Police tried their best to bring him to _________.