Grammar / Spelling Quiz 4

October 29th, 2020

Welcome to your Grammar / Spelling Quiz 4

1. He received an infraction for his inappropriate behavior. The judge ruled that, should he commit another offence, that he may be incarcerated. Which of these words is spelled incorrectly?
2. She was a young offender, a ___________.
3. Some argue that central government undertakes too much ____________. What is the correct spelling of the blank word?
4. It was _______ choice to steal the watch. They can’t blame anyone else.
5. By ___________ on their land again, the neighbors called the police.
6. The trial was _________.
7. He was bribed to kill his ex-wife. In other words, he was __________ murder.
8. I am sure I would have regretted it if I ________ to take the new police role.
9. You should read this detective novel — it's been ________ recommended by all the critics.
10. The police officer had only got a ________ money in the bank.


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