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Welcome to your Grammar / Spelling Quiz 2

1. If there ______ more police on the streets of Chicago, perhaps the number of crimes would reduce.
2. After three decades on the planet, it was his _________ birthday and he was intent on celebrating it.
3. The squad car was in pursute of the vehicle in front; an individual who had previously resisted arrest for the crime of embezzlement. Which of the following words in this sentence is spelled incorrectly?
4. __________ many reasons why the lieutenant arrested the suspect.
5. The sheriff was unsure whether the sentence delivered would _______ the victim.
6. The officer forcefully asks him to ____ down now with his hands behind his back.
7. ____ going to be difficult to find the suspect, not least because he appears to have fled to another part of the country
8. The wall was a hindrance. Regardless, officers ascended the wall and found the suspect and apprehended him. He had a laceration to his right temple but was still able to undergo a rigorous interogation. Which of the following words is spelled incorrectly?
9. It was challenging to find the burglar. Eventually though, Officer Simmons saw what appeared to be a silhouette. The culprit was wanted for crimes of theft, as well as for being part of a wider network that developed counterfit notes. Which of the following words is spelled incorrectly?
10. The alibi could not be trusted on several fronts. He aggravated the situation at a time where he claims not to have been involved. An ambulence was called, and the medical team do not corroborate his claims either. Though an affidavit was signed, there is enough evidence to suggest that the alibi was himself involved. Which of the following words is spelled incorrectly?