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February 7th, 2020 practice police test questions

How to Answer Police Questions

As part of the 2020 police officer exam, you need to answer a lot of multiple-choice questions. With enough time and preparation, there is no reason why you can’t ace this part of the police test. Before you take our practice police test questions, let’s quickly discuss how best to prepare for the upcoming police exam.

That said, it does require patience.

Many aspiring officers fall are the first hurdle. To succeed in the exam, you need to prepare more than every other candidate. Competition is currently high for places in the academy and, to secure your place, you need to stand out.

One of the best ways to prepare is to practice police test questions. The more MCQs you try, the more you learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You also learn where you need to spend more of your study time.

Never be discouraged if you score poorly on one of our police tests. If anything, that’s the wake-up call you should be hoping for. These scores should alert you to the fact that you need to study more; that you need to practice more questions, and that you need to take this exam seriously.

Furthermore, consider “wrong answers” as a positive. Rather than criticizing your own ability, you should learn from the wrong answer. In other words, make sure that you ever incorrectly answer the same type of question again. With time, and with even more practice, you will achieve a near-perfect score on the day of your exam.

Below, we’ve put together a sample police test of 10 questions; a varied mix of the style and difficulty of questions you can expect on the day of the police written test. Take the test and see how well you perform.

Again, learn from any mistakes and you are always headed in a successful future trajectory.

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How did you score?

If you scored high, don’t take this result as a given. After all, there are only 10 MCQs here and the written exam offers far more questions across a more varied list of topics. Don’t get complacent. Keep the score high by maintaining your study.

If you scored low, don’t be discouraged. Instead, read where you went wrong and ensure the same mistakes do not happen again. This is the best way to learn; a positive, onward looking approach that seeks to build on your existing knowledge.

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