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July 26th, 2019 police written exam practice test

About the Exam

Below, we’ve put together a sample police written exam practice test. For many, the exam is one of the most daunting parts of police training. That said, with enough preparation, there is no reason why you can’t ace this part of the test.

The number of questions on the police written exam varies. However, most exams in the country have 75 questions. The passing score is usually 75% or higher, meaning you need to score at least 57 questions correctly.  There is a limited time to answer each subsection of the test, magnifying the pressure.

That’s a tough ask.

It’s no surprise, then, why candidates fear this part of the exam.

Here is a list of the following topics examined on the police written exam:

  • Math questions – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Inductive / deductive reasoning – working out problems
  • Grammar – a thorough knowledge of the basics of grammar
  • Spelling – you must know the spelling of the most used police words
  • Vocabulary – the entire exam tests your knowledge of police vocabulary
  • Cloze test questions – a blank space you’re asked to accurately fill in

In this sense, the police written test examines your knowledge of math, language and reading comprehension – all of which are used extensively in law enforcement.

Use this relevance as your motivation. After all, candidates are in competition with each other for a limited number of places. It’s not enough to “do well”, you must do better than the competition. Otherwise, you will not join the police academy.

Police Written Exam Practice Test

Below, you can practice our police written test questions and see how you perform. Often, what you get wrong is more important than what you get right. It gives you the opportunity to learn and remedy what you do not know – improving your knowledge and performance on exam day.

There are 15 questions on the test. We have set a pass mark at 80%, which is 5% above the standard pass mark of 75%. We encourage you to attempt each question and if you have selected an incorrect answer, to read and commit to memory where you went wrong. After all, that’s how you improve day-to-day to ensure you pass the exam first-time, every time.

If you would like to access hundreds more exam questions and full-length police written exam practice tests, become a registered member of Police Test Study Guide today.

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