Why use flashcards

Why use flashcards?

Police test flashcards are among the best ways to prepare for the police exam. Flashcards offer the rapid revision opportunity to remember the facts thatmatter; the details that always get tested!


Quick, easy to make study solution to facilitate exam revision.


Effective method to remember the most important facts.


Rapid revision to help recall the details that always get tested.


To the point, accessible study tools that always deliver the facts.

Police test flashcards

Choose a set to practice – click and revise each topic – and progress onto the next. What matters,as always, is that flashcards are neat, effective, concise, and deliver the information that you need torevise and know for the exam.

Top 6 tips to make the perfect flashcards!

Flashcards are an enormously powerful tool to commit the relevant facts and detailsto memory – maximizing your police test score.

Cut your study time in half by creating effective police test flashcards that act as the perfecton-the-go rapid revision resource!

Be Original

Don’t directly copy word-for-word. Always re-write concepts in your own words. That way, you think more about the concept and are far more likely to commit the idea to memory. The more original you make your cards, the more value they retain.

Tip 1

Be Concise

Remember, the purpose of flashcards is to act as a quick, flash resource for study. Don’t pack the flashcard with too much detail. Instead, keep things quick, snappy, to the point, and relevant.

Tip 2

Be Creative

Flashcards are double-sided cards. Avoid the temptation of writing notes on one side only. Instead, use both sides and be creative with the idea/concept on one side, and how you explain it on the opposite side.

Tip 3

Be Relevant

Books and police test study guides can contain thousands of words. Instead of trying to cover all bases, identify the most relevant aspects – and the most difficult ones – to revise.

Tip 4

Be Structured

Structure your police test flashcards into bundles. For instance, one set of 10 cards on the written exam; another 3 sets of 10 cards on the oral board exam / sample answers. Structuring the cards means you can identify what you need to study, when you need to study it.

Tip 5

Be Consistent

The purpose of flashcards is to enhance revision. If you are not consistently revising these cards, they lose all purpose. Instead, create a realistic timetable of when you plan to consistently study what you have created. Revisit any challenging ideas with dedicated study periods.

Tip 6
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