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Police Reading Comprehension | What is it? Practice Test!

Aug 13th, 2019
police reading comprehension

What is “reading comprehension”?

As part of the police written exam, candidates are expected to answer questions on police reading comprehension. Here, we review what you can expect and offer a sample police reading comprehension practice test for you to try.

For the reading comprehension exam, you are provided with several paragraphs of text related to one story or event. You are then asked a series of questions that relate to those paragraphs.

The purpose of the reading comprehension test is clear:

  • To establish how well you read passages of written information
  • Your powers to deduce an accurate understanding of the text
  • Your ability to calmly extract correct details in a short period of time

This takes place, often lots of it. But it’s by no means an insurmountable part of the police test.

Remember, the reading comprehension component is only one part of the police written exam. Other elements include the police math test, spelling/grammar, and police vocabulary.

If you are not familiar with answering this type of question, we encourage you to try as many reading comprehension questions as possible. The more questions you try, the more experience you gain to quickly, accurately and decisively find the correct answer.

Take our police reading comprehension practice test below and see how well you answer each question.


This section measures reading comprehension. You are expected to read the passages below and answer questions on this passage. None of these questions are intended to reflect existing local, state or federal legislation. Instead, the purpose of the quiz is to establish your skill when it comes to reading passages of text and discerning the correct and most accurate meaning. To pass the police practice test below, you are required to achieve a score of 80% or greater.


Police in Central City have decided to implement new vehicular restrictions upon the city. The purpose of these restrictions is three-fold – first, to reduce congestion within the city center. Second, to reduce overall levels of pollution and, third, to promote the use of public transportation.

As part of this effort, vehicles will be given different license plates depending upon their individual circumstances. No one vehicle has more than one license plate, except if deemed necessary by the appropriate police authority.

The first license plate, K, is for delivery vehicles to transit goods between 6am and 11am and from 2pm to 6pm on weekdays only. The second plate, R, is for business owners within the city center who need access to their premises throughout the week, though only via off-street parking. Private vehicles may transit through the city center if they are issued a X license plate, though they are only allowed to travel on Mondays, Tuesday, and Fridays. Private vehicles with a Y plate are permitted to travel on those days and weekends too. F licenses are issued to vehicles that operate emergency services license plates at any time, where parking is permitted along any zone.

License plates are issued depending on the citizen, their line of work and relationship to the city, as well as what service, if any, they provide to that city. Licenses may be revoked at any time and for any reason, if but not exclusively because a threat to the city was deemed possible. Though this has not yet manifested, it may happen in the future and so caution is warranted.

Welcome to your Police Reading Comprehension Quiz

Vehicles that are permitted to travel through the city at 3pm on Thursday.

All private vehicles can only travel in the city center on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

Which of the following statements is most accurate?

How many license plates is it possible for one vehicle to own?

How many hours per week are delivery vehicles permitted to travel through the city center?

Michael is a firefighter who works in Central City at weekends only. What license plate will Michael be issued?

Maria drives a Ford Focus and works in the city center as an accountant. On Thursdays, she starts work early and wants to travel into the city by car. What license will Maria be issued?

How to Prepare for the Police Written Exam

How did you find the police practice test?

If you scored less than 80 percent, do not worry. Most of you, particularly if you’re just starting out our police test prep, will answer at least half of these questions incorrectly.

Going forward, what matters now is how to improve. As part of our police officer exam prep, we’ve put together the most comprehensive range of learning tools on the net to help you pass the police test.

We include core strategies on how to effectively read paragraphs of text – quickly, accurately and decisively. As well as this, we offer police test questions and full-length practice exams to help you prepare for all aspects of the police written exam.

Take a few seconds to become a registered member of Police Test Study Guide by choosing your state and police department!

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