This section tests reading comprehension. Applicants are expected to read a passage of text and answer questions on this passage. The purpose of the test is to establish your analytical skills when it comes to reading passages of text, as well as discerning the correct and most accurate meaning in communication. Study the passage first and then answer all questions below.

Questions 1 – 5 below are based on the following passage:

In response to a recent spike in car thefts in the downtown area, the city’s police department has devised a comprehensive strategy over the past 4-weeks to combat the issue. The strategy involves a multi-faceted approach, including increased patrols in high-risk areas during peak hours, deploying decoy vehicles equipped with tracking devices, and collaborating with local businesses to improve security measures in parking lots. Additionally, the department plans to enhance public awareness through the establishment of community workshops each month on car theft prevention and the distribution of informational pamphlets. Furthermore, specialized task forces will be formed to investigate organized crime rings involved in vehicle thefts, targeting both the perpetrators and the illegal resale networks. The police chief emphasized the importance of community involvement, urging residents to report any suspicious activities and to remain vigilant in safeguarding their vehicles. By implementing these measures and fostering collaboration between law enforcement and the community, the department aims to reduce car theft rates and enhance public safety in the downtown area over the coming months.

Welcome to your Police Reading Comprehension Quiz

According to the passage, what role do community workshops play in the city police department's strategy?

How does the police chief emphasize community involvement in combating car thefts?

What of these is not a part of the city police department's strategy to address the recent surge in car thefts?

How does the department intend to handle the illegal sale of stolen vehicles?

The strategy implemented by the police chief is expected to yield results within what timeframe?

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