Police Practice Test 6

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Police Practice Test 6

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Welcome to your Police Practice Test 6

As part of an identity theft detection program, Officer Newberry evaluates four businesses in the local area each week that have an established customer base. Officer Newberry visits businesses each week except for 2-weeks in March and 2-weeks in October. How many businesses does Officer Newberry evaluate over the course of the first two quarters of the year?

Officer Sanchez drove his squad car a total distance of 280-miles over the course of 4-days. If the police officer drove 90 miles on one day, what is the average number of miles Officer Sanchez drove for the remaining 3-days?

Which amendment to the US Constitution requires juries to be impartial?

Two detectives returned from the crime scene, detailing that a secretery in the office was acting suspiciously. It was determined that more witnesses were needed to establish whether the suspect was involved in the crime. Which of the words in this paragraph is spelled incorrectly?

The ____________ date of birth was unknown at the time.

Officer Graham started his work shift at 6.15pm and worked for 8.5 hours. He then started his next shift 10-hours later and worked for a further 5 hours, finishing his week’s work. At what phase of the day did Officer Graham finish his week’s work?

Sgt. Anderson started in his report that $4,590 worth of goods were stolen from the store, and that two men were apprehended though only one-third of the value of the goods was recovered. The value of how much goods was not yet recovered?

___________ going to the apartment in 2-hours to collect more evidence from potential suspects.

“To gain money or property due to force or threat of violence”.

Custody most nearly means…

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