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In 2022, New York State reported approximately 90,000 domestic violence victims. 39,224 of these cases were in New York City, with the remainder in the rest of the state. What percentage of domestic violence cases occurred in New York City?

The distance between the police station and the local courtroom is 8 miles. Sergeant Williams had to attend court three times last week. In total, how many miles did he travel to the courtroom and back?

Sergeant Miller arrested 72 members of the public this week, which was approximately 15% higher than the previous week. Approximately how many people did Sergeant Miller arrest the week previous?

Over the course of a full week, Officer Charles drove his cruiser 380 miles. The following week, he worked every day except Thursday and Friday. If Officer Charles drove the same route each day, how many miles did he drive the following week?

Statistics from Pheonix Police Department show that 60 percent of police officers work overtime each week. Given the department has 3,100 staff, how many officers do not work overtime each week?

In preparing a police report on a burglary in Boise, Officer Newman documented the following stolen items:


8 video games

$70 each

3 cell phones

$400 each

1 laptop computer


2 necklaces

Estimated value; $340

1 iPad 


What is the total value of goods stolen?

Officer Carey had to respond to 80 emergency calls over the course of the last month. 40 percent of these calls were for motor vehicle accidents. How many emergency calls were for emergencies other than motor vehicle accidents?

One sixth of all tickets Officer Porter writes each day are for parking violations. If she writes 96 tickets per day, how many tickets are written for violations other than parking violations?

Hialeah Police Department conducted their most significant drug bust in years where they seized an estimated $4.5 million worth of fentanyl in the operation. If the local street value is $120 per gram, approximately how many kilograms of fentanyl was seized?

Over the past week in Chicago, the number of gang members arrested from Gangster Disciple Nation was 12, 4, 8, 6, 3, 10, and 6. On average, how many gang members were arrested each day that week?

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