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Detective Lee is investigating a series of burglaries. If each burglary requires an average of 30 hours of investigation time, and Detective Lee works 8-hour shifts for 5 consecutive days each week, how many weeks will it take him to complete the investigations for 10 burglaries?

The police department purchases 50 new tasers at a cost of $400 each. If the department receives a bulk discount of 15%, what is the total cost of the tasers after the discount?

Officer Thompson is tasked with organizing a community event for National Night Out. If the event is scheduled to last 4 hours and requires 10 officers to be present at all times, how many total officer-hours will be contributing to the event?

Officer Ramirez is conducting a stakeout operation that requires him to work 12-hour shifts for 7 consecutive days. His standard hourly rate is $35 / hr. If he receives double overtime pay for hours worked beyond 40 hours per week, how much total overtime pay will Officer Ramirez earn for the stakeout?

The police department is hosting a firearms training course for new recruits. Each course comprises 6-hours of training. If each recruit is required to fire 180 rounds of ammunition during the course, and there are 12 recruits participating, how many total rounds of ammunition will be fired?

Officer Garcia is assigned to investigate a case that requires him to travel a total distance of 420 miles. If he drives at an average speed of 60 miles per hour, how many total hours will Officer Garcia spend on the investigation?

The bomb squad needs to transport a suspicious package to a remote location for controlled detonation. If the package weighs 280 pounds and each bomb squad member can carry a maximum of 50 pounds, how many members are needed to transport the package?

The K-9 unit needs to purchase 25 new bulletproof vests for police dogs. If each vest costs $600 and the unit receives a grant covering 60% of the total cost, how much funding does the police department need to contribute?

If a police department has a budget of $500,000 for overtime pay and each officer earns $35 per hour for overtime, how many total hours of overtime can the department afford to pay for (when rounded down or up)?

A SWAT team is conducting a training exercise that requires them to rappel down a building. If each rappelling session lasts 20 minutes and there are 12 team members participating, how many total hours will be spent on rappelling during the exercise?

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