Police Exam Questions

Police Test Study Guide has put together the most comprehensive range of police exam questions and full-length practice tests that prepare you for the needs and demands of the 2020 police test.

We cover all aspects of the police written exam – math, reading comprehension, grammar, spelling and police vocabulary; an all-encompassing course that teaches you the details you need to know.

We make passing the 2020 police test easy. Take our three sample police practice tests below and see how you score. We are confident that, through our police exam questions, you will ace the police written test!

Types of Police Question.

Candidates must prepare for all types of police question. Here, we review the details you need to know.

MCQs form the backbone of police test questions. Here, you are asked a question and offered 4 possible answers. You are asked to either select the correct answer, or to select the “most accurate” answer from the choices provided.

During the reading comprehension test, you may also be asked true/false type questions. Here, you must be careful to read, re-read and triple read the paragraph in question. True/false questions can be deceptive. You need to take your time.

Don't underestimate the value of educated guesswork. By eliminating just one of the possible answers, you increase the probability of choosing the right answer by 8%. If you eliminate 2 answers, this jumps to 25%. So even if you don't have a clue what the answer is, try to "work out" what cannot logically / possibly be true. It can make all the difference!

The police polygraph exam establishes whether you are being deceptive.

Police written test examines your critical thinking and comprehension skills.

The fitness exam tests your strength, versatility and cardiovascular ability

The oral board exam tests your suitability to the role of a police officer.

Sample Police Exam Questions.

Take a few minutes to review some of our sample questions. Here, we review the type of question
you can expect as well as detailing our comprehensive answer explanations to help plug any gaps in your police test knowledge.

Police Math Test

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Police Written Exam

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Reading Comprehension

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Maximize Your Result on Exam Day.

You must take as many police practice tests as possible. The more questions you try, the more you learn about your strengths and weaknesses and – more importantly – how to turn those weaknesses into strengths.

Top 7 Tips to Improve
Your Test Result

  • Re-read each question, even twice, before answering
  • Always eliminate answers you know to be false
  • Never guess; have an educated guess instead
  • Never spend a disproportionate amount of time on 1 question
  • Trust your instinct; it helps you make sense of questions
  • Have confidence that you know more than you think you do
  • Never rush through the exam; pace yourself throughout the test

Answering police exam questions doesn’t need to be difficult. At first, questions are daunting. There’s no doubt about it. The more you study, the more you practice police test questions, and the more you actively seek to identify your weak spots and to plug those gaps in your knowledge – you rapidly improve in just days!

There are a limited number of places in the police academy. You can’t “just pass”. You need to excel, have an edge, and beat the competition. Whilst the task is not an easy one, it’s doable if you have the motivation and determination to develop a plan for your police study in the weeks and months ahead.

How did you score on the three tests above? Found them difficult? That’s a good thing. That means you’ve learned something; and it gives you the benchmark of the standard you need to achieve. Now you need to take the police test!

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