2021 Police Test Prep

Our law enforcement course online has been crafted by industry experts – experienced police officers who have tailored course materials to meet the needs and demands of the 2021 Police Test Guide.

As part of your police test prep, candidates are expected to pass five core elements – all of which are covered by our detailed lessons.

Once you complete all lessons, practice questions, full-length practice exams and review materials, you will be fully prepared for the police test.

Course Features

600+ Police Exam Questions.

The most complete course of 600+ police exam questions on all aspects of the test – from math and reading comprehension, to spelling-grammar, police vocabulary and much more.

  • Reading

  • Police Math

  • Case

  • Spelling and

  • Situational judgement
    and reasoning

  • Analytical

  • Directional

Each police practice question comes with detailed, explanatory answers – helping
to turn topics of weakness into topics of strength. We have the largest police test
question bank on the net.


Flashcards are a powerful tool to help you recall the essential facts.

Our flashcards have been carefully designed and crafted to deliver these facts in an aesthetic manner that makes it much easier to read and recall the details that matter.

Our flashcards cover all aspects of the police exam.

Check out some of our police flashcards!
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The oral board is often one part of the police test that terrifies candidates.

It can often feel that, even with adequate preparation, things might not go as well as you would like. That’s where our course materials come in. We’ve identified the core material, question preparation (including an entire section on the “trickiest” questions), to ensure that you always come out on top.

Our law enforcement course online prepares candidates with the confidence they need to tackle this important part of the police exam.


Our tutorials explain the concepts and theory you need to know.

We go through each of the fundamental concepts you need to know, that cover all parts of the exam, to ensure that you understand the material that you are expected to know.

Coupled with our police test questions, then, we offer the only full-length practice exams to your police test prep study needs.

Video Lessons.

Our team have put together an amazing collection of video lessons to augment your study further.

These video lessons examine questions such as:

Body language in the police interview test

Exam preparation to maximize your test result

Fitness training preparation to enhance physical performance

…and much more!


The police fitness test is a physically demanding test
that requires long-term preparation.

Preparation involves not just how you move, but also what you eat. That’s why we’ve put together a fitness training program that helps to tailor your approach to the exam and maximize long-term performance.

Our program covers all core areas of the police fitness exam.


It’s not enough to do well in the police test, you must also prepare for your long-term career.

Our online learning dashboard equips candidates with lessons that cover all six core subject areas:

In this way, our course helps to shape your career in a positive direction that delivers on your professional objectives.

We remain one of the leading law enforcement courses
online has helped in excess of 37,000 candidates pass the
police test.

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