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How to Pass the Police Test on Exam Day!

January 25th, 2020 how to pass the police test

How to Pass the Police Test

Not sure how to pass the police test? It’s not enough to prepare weeks and months in advance of the exam, important though that is. For what is the point of those many stressful and tiresome days of study if you simply don’t perform when you need to?

That’s why we need to talk about exam strategies to implement on the day of your police officer exam.

Often an overlooked topic, many candidates take to the police written exam without a moment’s contemplation on what they intend to achieve and how they intend to achieve it. To truly succeed in the exam, you need to perform better than your competitors. After all, there are limited places in the police academy.

You need to ensure that you score the very best you can.

To do that, you need to come up with a defined strategy on how you approach exam day. That’s precisely what we offer here.

Let’s get started.

The Penultimate Day

It’s the penultimate day, 24-hours before you are set to take the exam.

At this stage, there is no point in studying new material. Research shows – consistently – that material “learned” on this day is not “retained” for exam day. Instead, you should focus on revising the material you have studied in the weeks leading up to this moment.

By now, you should have collected notes and flashcards and other inventive means to learn the material you need to know. Structure your day. Have a plan and stick to it. Ensure that you revise all material. Take enough breaks throughout the day to oxygenate your brain and reboot your cognitive potential.

It’s essential that you sleep well the day before the exam. Do not under any circumstances stay up late until 3 am or some such time. Instead, you need to have a long, rested sleep to prepare your brain for the overload of activity that’s bound to eventuate in 24 hours. If you are tired and groggy, you won’t perform well during the police officer exam.

However tempting it may be, it’s not worth the risk. Content that you read at 3 am, tired and sleepy, is unlikely to be retained anyway the next day.

Make sure that your alarm is set, too, to make sure you get up on time – well in advance of the time of your exam. Don’t wake up 30 minutes before the exam. You can never anticipate unanticipated events that get in the way of your efforts to reach the exam center on time.

Exam Day – Now What!?

It’s now exam day.

To perform well during the police exam, it’s essential that you have a healthy, fulsome breakfast. That means fruits and protein. It doesn’t mean eating empty carbs and sugary cereals that leave your brain starving for more nutrition during the exam. Similarly, you must avoid sugary drinks.

If you set your alarm and got up on-time, you should have allowed sufficient time to make it to the exam center. Don’t turn up 5 minutes before the exam is set to begin. Instead, try to make it to the center at least 30-minutes before the police test.

You want to avoid rushing. Instead, you need to ensure you are relaxed and calm walking into the test – your mind armed and ready to fire out exam facts as and when you need to.

Maximize Your Result

To maximize your police test result, you must have a defined plan.

That means not spending more time than you need to on one question. However frustrating it may be, you need to leave temptation at the door. Stick to your plan and skip questions that you simply do not know, or are having a hard time figuring out. You can come back and review these questions toward the end of the exam.

What matters at this stage is that you attempt all questions. That irritating question you avoided has now given you sufficient time to answer those questions that you do know – maximizing your result. Furthermore, you are bound to come across some questions that stump you. No matter how hard you try, you simply do not know the answer.

When you come across such questions, try to eliminate an answer that is most probably not true. If possible, do the same process with a second answer. At this point, you can at least enhance the odds of guessing the correct answer. What you should not do is guess an answer without trying to at least eliminate some answers.

Often police exam questions have at least one relatively obvious incorrect answer. Try to at least identify that. Remember, you need to get the edge over the competition. If that means securing an extra few correct answers, then this strategy is well worth the effort.

Final Thoughts

In our review of how to pass the police test on exam day, here are the top 10 take-home tips you need to consider:

  • Never study new material 24-hours before the police test
  • Always revise your existing notes and maximize what you already studied
  • Never stay up late to study, you are unlikely to remember new material
  • Always go to bed early and ensure you have a long, rested sleep
  • Set your alarm to get up well before the exam
  • Have a healthy breakfast – fruits and protein preferably; avoid cereals
  • Get to the test center at least 30-minutes before the exam
  • Stick to a defined plan to ensure you attempt all questions
  • Leave enough time at the end to review more difficult questions
  • Always attempt to work out and eliminate the most unlikely answers

By implementing these tips, you can maximize your police exam result and make it through to the police academy.

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