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How to Motivate Your Police Test Study!

April 1st, 2021 how to motivate police test study

How to Motivate Your Police Test Study

Unsure how to motivate your police test study? You are not the only one. The syllabus is long and difficult, but by no means insurmountable. Here, we have put together some helpful tips to help you motivate the exam prep process.

One of the problems with exams is that many candidates question the material being asked on the exam. Many candidates wonder why they are being asked about spelling and grammar, or why arithmetic is being tested? A direct comparison is drawn between the material itself versus the life and practice of law enforcement officers.

To draw this comparison is, of course, to make a mistake – and no small mistake, either. Furthermore, the underlying function of the test almost goes unnoticed. And, by not considering the wider competition for places in the academy, it is easy for candidates to lose the bigger picture, become demotivated, and – in the end – fail to make it through.

Here, we have put together the complete answer. We will review three key factors that candidates should think about in the days ahead as they muscle through the police exam syllabus. By recalibrating your focus, it can make all the difference between the performance you can do versus the performance you could do.

Cultivate Logical Reasoning Skills!

Everyone wants to think better, clearer, and more accurately.

Who doesn’t?

When we think about what police officers do – day in, day out – it invariably involves working things out. Whether this is piecing together the evidence to lead to a suspect, or whether it is simply evaluating whether a suspect is telling the truth, analytical and reasoning skills are always used.

During your police test preparation, you will be developing these skills. At first, it may not seem like it, but this is what is happening – at least, of course, if you are studying the material correctly. Candidates who try to “memorize” their way through the police officer exam will always, always fall behind other candidates who have taken the time to hone and refine their thinking skills.

You may ask the question, “what does math or reading comprehension got to do with logical reasoning”.

The short answer to that is: everything.

Relevance of Police Exam Subjects!

Some candidates, having practiced police exam questions, ask this question of relevance.

  • “What has math got to do with my career as a law enforcement officer?”
  • “Why am I being asked reading comprehension questions?”
  • “Spelling and grammar!? I am trying to become a police officer, not a teacher!”

To ask these questions is to misunderstand why the police test is structured in the way that it is.

You are not being asked about spelling and grammar for the sake of it. Nor are you being asked about math at random, either. The syllabus for the police officer exam has been carefully crafted and tailored toward evaluating which candidates are the most skilled – both in terms of logical reasoning and analytical skills, as well as core communication skills, too.

And when we rephrase the above questions to, “What has analytical skills and communication skills got to do with the role of a police officer?”, we now see the examinable subjects through a very different lens.

It comes down to relevance.

The more that candidates appreciate the relevance of what is being studied, and how it will contribute to their long-term performance as a police officer, the more engaged and motivated you will become to study that material.

Rather than considering the course material as irrelevant, you will actively want to sit down and build these analytical skills – not only to pass the police test but also because you want to hone these skills to become the best possible law enforcement officer in your future career.

Know Your Competition!

The police officer exam is a competition.

Not everyone who makes the grade, makes it through. Competition is fierce and the only way to get ahead is to make the grade. Nor is achieving the minimum pass score sufficient. There are limited spaces in the academy and plenty of interest to take those places. The academy and police departments will only consider the rawest talent – and that means candidates who take the position seriously will need to put in the hours to maximize their police test score.

Appreciating the tough competition should turbocharge your determination to succeed. If you were never sure how to motivate your police test study, this must surely be the number one reason. Each time you sit down and prepare for the police exam, you are taking that one extra step that perhaps many other candidates did not take. Whilst you are taking an extra 2-hours to study to get the edge, other candidates have decided to put off study until tomorrow morning. Whereas you are being proactive and building focus into your study plan, other candidates are becoming complacent – hoping only to “just pass” or perhaps hope to “get lucky” on the day.

If there’s one thing that doesn’t work with the police test, it’s the idea that you can “wing” the exam. It just doesn’t happen. The cream always rises to the top – and that’s no different with the police exam.

Take Home Message

By factoring in the other two factors we discussed – namely, the opportunity to cultivate logical reasoning and communication skills, as well as the relevance of the police exam syllabus to your long-term future as a police officer, candidates begin to weave together the motivation needed to not only succeed at the police exam but also to bring their final mark to the next level.

And once you make it through to the police academy, it will suddenly become clear that your dedication was worth it; that your decision to recalibrate your study focus and approach was the right decision – and that, unlike candidates who failed to make it through, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Found this guide useful on how to motivate your police test study? Check back to our blog soon for even more exclusive content to help you master the police exam and make it through to the police academy!


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