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  • Complete online test prep solution, tailored to the needs of the 2023 law enforcement exam syllabus.
  • Covers all aspects of the police exam – including the written exam, oral board, and fitness test.
  • Developed by police officers with inside knowledge of the best way to prepare for the exam and make it through to the academy.

“Passing law enforcement exams has become more difficult in recent years, not least due to the higher levels of competition and standards
expected by departments. Here, we have put together a complete test
preparation product designed to address the needs of aspiring officers.”

Officer Tim Howell

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A Career in Law Enforcement!

Police Officer

Pass the 2023 police exam and join the 800,000+ strong police force in the United States. Serve your local community with distinction and pride!

Correctional Officer

Master the correctional officer exam and become responsible for the custody, supervision, safety, and regulation of prisoners!

Sheriff Deputies

With strong competition for sheriff deputy roles, you must score high. Pass the exam with distinction with our detailed course that covers the mandatory syllabus.

State Trooper

Whether you want to become a highway patrol officer or a state trooper, we have you covered. Note that competition for places is currently high!

Our Features

Bring your knowledge, confidence, and skill to the next level with our online, self-paced course. We make passing the 2023 police officer exam easy.

Having trained thousands of candidates to pass the police exam, our course brings together exclusive course materials that deliver the facts you need to know, in ways you can remember.

  • Police Exam Questions

    Exam-like test questions that reflect the style and stan-
    dard of questions you can expect on the day of your
    exam. Full-length answer explanations provided to
    plug any gaps in your knowledge.

  • Police Interview Questions

    Our oral board database contains all the most common
    interview questions asked during the exam - as well a
    detailed breakdown of each explanation, complete with
    sample answers that deliver the very best results.

  • Full-Length Practice Exams

    Take our full-length timed exams that mimic real-life test
    conditions. Test whether you are ready and prepared to
    take the 2023 police officer exam – the essential way to
    build confidence in the days before your test.

  • Rapid Revision Study Guides

    Over 70+ tutorials divided into 5 modules – teaching you
    the facts you need to know about the police exam; how
    to prepare and master the fitness and polygraph exams;
    and the theory you need to know for the written exam.

  • Police Exam Flashcards

    Flashcards are one of the best ways to learn for any exam.
    Swipe from one card to the next with our interactive plat-
    form; learn the top 300 police vocabulary – all of which
    can be accessed when you need it, on any device!

  • Interactive Self-Paced Course

    Whether you are in a rush to succeed or whether you
    need to take your time, step-by-step – our self-paced
    course tracks your progress along the way. Watch your
    knowledge and confidence build as your progress bar
    continues to grow.

  • Memory Test Mastery

    Memory tests have become more common on police
    exams throughout the country. That’s why we’ve included
    exclusive memory tests that build your ability to rapidly
    identify details - a must-have skill for every police officer.

  • Situational Awareness Skills

    Police officers make better decisions when they apply
    situational awareness. In consultation with inside ex-
    perts, we have put together the tools you need to use to
    not only build your SA level – but to bring it to the very
    next level.


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