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Police Test Study Guide is the leading online platform that equips candidates with the knowledge needed to succeed at the 2021 police test. Our police test prep course coversall aspects of the exam: the written test, fitness test, and oral board exam; the complete online solution to your exam needs.

We have trained thousands of candidates throughout the United States. Our course remains the most current, up-to-date course tailored to the individual needs of your police department. With new weekly content, hundreds of test questions, and full-length practice exams –

we bulletproofyour exam success.

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Once you become a registered member of Police Test Study Guide, you receive instant access to a comprehensive range of learning tools – each
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We cover all aspects of the police exam – from reading comprehension and grammar, to math, fitness and the police polygraph test – boosting confidence and helping to substantially raise your score.

1,000 Police
Test Questions!

Over 600 police exam questions that cover all aspects of the exam. We also include detailed, explanatory answers for each question; maximizing your learning experience.

75 Full-Length

Our police test prep includes full-length lessons that explain key concepts behind the written test: math, reading comprehension, logical reasoning, situational behaviour, spelling and grammar, and much more.

Fitness Test

We provide tailored features to help prepare you for the police fitness test; including full training regimens and nutrition guidelines. From the 1.5-mile run to upper body strength, we have you covered.

500 Police Test

Hundreds of flashcards that cover the key elements of the police test; from the most common police vocabulary; to grammar/spelling rules; to how to answer oral board questions. Our flashcards have you covered for rapid revision.

Secrets to the
Oral Board!

Our oral board database is packed with the most common police interview questions you can expect. Each question is analysed in terms of what the oral board panel is searching for. We also include complete sample answers.

Practice Exams!

Police Test Study Guide features unique full-length practice exams. Each exam covers all material you are expected to know; the best way to learn if you are ready for the police test. Explained answers to each question are provided.

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Police Test Study Guide has trained thousands of candidates throughout the
United States. We keep our features current, up-to-date and in-line with the
standard expected for the 2021 police officer exam.

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